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What Live To Cruise is all about?

Live To Cruise (also known as LTC) is an online cruise server on the all-popular Live For Speed racing simulator, developed by Mark (Krammeh).

LTC has been online since late May 2007 and has been home to many cruisers and many more to come. The cruise system itself is being updated regularly with new updates; There are currently two (2 S2) servers up and running on Live For Speed.

News Item: We're coming back...

Written July 1 2015, by Krammeh


Okay, so we have had a couple of donations to keep us running for a while, those that donated at least £15 will be rewarded with a MRT.

We currently have a strawpoll here to see what you guys want to do with the accounts before we open the server to the public again.

We will be running on Westhill Open-config. If you would like to make a layout, be my guest and give me a shout (you know how to get hold of me).

Looking forward to getting on the track
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News Item: Website Online

Written June 28 2015, by Krammeh

The website is online, but for old times sake.

It has crossed my mind to bring it back online numerous times, but I really don't think there is much of a need for yet another cruise server, especially one that I do not have the desire to upkeep or develop it further (which it SHOULD be rather behind on the feature list by now - at least, I hope!)
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News Item: News Section

Written July 29 2012, by Krammeh

I have created this little news section so that I can release information out to the community all in one place.

I am currently working on revamping some of the website sections and upgrading the existing ones too! One of the main ones is that I am going to be maintaining an LTC Member list (the team button up there) and the rules for all of LTC is going to be on here too (button is also up there! :P).

I will most likely also use this news section as a place to post release notes for the updates for the LCS application too!

Over n oot,
- Mark
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How do I earn cash and licence points?

The answer is quite simple - Join on of the LTC LFS Servers and cruise!
While you're connected you will be able to drive the cars that you own and the cars that you have the required licence for.
The more cruisin' that you get completed - the more licence points and cash you will have on your account. You will be able to buy cars with this cash and it will give you the ability to use this car within the LTC LFS Servers.

Some interesting stats

Ever wanted to see some of the stats that we have here at LTC, we have everything ranging from the total amount of cruisers, to their bank accounts and everything between. View Stats

Wonder how far you are up the list of LTCers in the way of licence points? Check out the Top Players.

Been doing hotlaps? Wanna know where you rank? Visit the Records stats page.

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