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How do I register on the LTC website?

You cannot register on the website, your accounts are automatically created the first time you connect to an LTC server. The username is your LFS username, and your password can be provided to you in server by using the !webpass command. You can change your password when you are logged in on the 'MyLTC' page.

How do I connect to the LTC server?

You can connect to our servers in two ways. You can connect via the Host List or by inputting the server name on the 'Join Specific Host' tab. We currently have three LFS S2 servers running - [LTC] Live To Cruise, [LTC] Live To Cruise 2, [LTC] Live To Cruise 3. We might be bringing back DEMO soon!

How can I join the LTC team?

Applications to join the LTC team are currently set to invite only.

Why can't I drive the BF1?

The BF1 cannot be brought and cannot be rented by any cruiser in the LTC servers. You may occationally see a BF1 on the server, this is because that user has done something out of the ordinary for LTC in a positive way and has been awarded the BF1.

How can I register on the LTC Wiki?

Registering is also disabled on the Wiki like it is on the website. Firstly you need to activate your Wiki account. You can do this by going on the 'MyLTC' page and under the 'External Websites' section, there will be an LTC Wiki link. If you click this then your account will be enabled. Your username is your LFS username but capitals e.g. RacerGuy1 = RACERGUY1. The password is the exact same as your LTC website password. You can remind yourself of the password by doing !webpass in the server or using the 'Change Webpass' on the 'MyLTC' page.

How can I become a Cadet or Officer?

You must apply to become a Cadet on the server. You can apply via the 'Team Application' on the 'MyLTC' page. Once your application is submitted you will be able to Cadet on the server under supervision of another Officer. To do this you must have knowledge of the rules and have the software needed to be a successful Cadet. Officers will be able to rate your application and after enough feedback has been recieved your application will be reviewed by the Chief of Police. You cannot apply to be an Officer, they are chosen from the list of current Cadets who over perform as a Cadet and have a clean and fair policing and server record.

Where can I buy a GPS?

The GPS can be brought for £500 from the Quickie Mart shop. The shop is located on Shell Street. Shell Street is located on the far bottom left of the map. Its appearance is a hay bale with barriers in a curve on the run off on the bend. To buy a GPS, drive and stop next to the hay bale and a shop will appear.

Is there a map of all the shop locations?

No, there is no map because it would make the purpose of the GPS useless. Although after several jobs to each location you will know exactly where each location is.

How do I start a job?

To start a job, drive to any shop (shops are a hay bale with barriers surrounding it) and then 'Start a random job'. You then need to drive to the stated location and stop next to the hay bale and the job will complete.

How much do cars cost?

Why not check out Car Prices and find out!